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Athena Project Visual Arts Show - Stepping Over the Sight Line

Artisans in Action

Sculpture. Canvas. Drawing. Paint. Modern. Classical. Photography. Design. Inspiration.

All forms of Visual Art can present meaning, provoke emotion, share the beauty of the world and represent struggles… all in a single moment. The power of visual arts cannot be fully expressed because one piece can mean so many different things to so many different people. The Athena Project Arts Festival presents a themed visual arts display each year, featuring talented female artists and curators.


Thank you to everyone who came to see our visual arts show Stepping Over the Sight Line


This year’s show is now closed, but check back here next year for information on our next show!

Stepping Over the Sight Line Art Show was created and curated by Michele Brower, a prominent Denver artist known for her paintings and installation pieces which grace museum, private and corporate collections nationwide.  She brings substantial curatorial and teaching experience in the visual arts to this selection process.

In perspective drawing, the sight line is the line drawn from the artist’s eye to points or images on a reality plane.  The sight line enables an artist to closely describe a three dimensional form or scene in two dimensions.  Visual artists will recognize this term as a foundation skill used in academic approaches to drawing and painting.

Athena Project Arts Festival