Athena Project Live Theatre

Playwrights and Performers in Action

The centerpiece of the Athena Project Arts Festival is THEATRE!

Each year, Athena Project brings to the Denver area several theatre performances of varying formats. The World Premiere runs throughout the entire Festival and includes an opening night reception as well as several performances every week. The Plays In Progress Series (aka PIP Series) present 3 different plays acting as finalists for the next year’s World Premiere. Each PIP is a fully rendered script presented with limited sets, lights, sounds and props.  Actors are on book and dressed in black so as to evoke the audience’s imagination as to what they would look like if the play were selected to be fully produced. Audience members provide feedback and rate each play at the end of the performance to aid in the board’s decision for the next World Premiere!

All plays during the Arts Festival feature female playwrights, in support of our continued mission to give a voice and platform to this incredible, but underrepresented, female talent.

In addition, we will be hosting a table reading of a never-been-produced-before-play for audience feedback and actor feedback in the moment.  Join us for this exciting sneak peek and go behind the scenes of new play development during this year’s festival.


Athena Project Arts Festival