You In Action

Athena Project Arts Festival Visual Artisans in Action


In every community, each citizen must play his and her role. Everyone must contribute in order to realize success. Athena Project has found success in promoting and supporting female art due largely in part to YOU.

Attend a performance, and you have helped pay an artist’s salary.

Provide a donation, and you have given girls a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore their talent.

Invite your friends, and you have shown that “gender” will not define art if we make it so.

Spread the word, and you have given one more woman, one more female, one more girl, a chance to achieve her career, never settling underneath any ceiling.

Woman or man, young or old: YOU are Action. YOU are Art. YOU are the Project.

YOU are Athena.

And we can just about guarantee Athena Project has an event you’ll love! So join us by volunteering, buying a ticket or simply making a donation—we can’t do it without YOU!


Athena Project Arts Festival