Panel Discussions

Athena Project Festival Mini Music Festival - Panel Discussions

In partnership with Swallow Hill Music, Athena Project is offering two free panel discussions with local artists talking about what it means to be a female musician based in Denver, their businesses, successes and challenges.


Mini Music Festival – Artist Panel Discussion

March 23, 2017   @ 6:00 – 7:00 pm

The artist panel will feature local female musicians discussing the challenges that they have faced in navigating a career in music. Particular attention will be given to the ways that stereotypes of gender, race and sexuality play out in these artists’ experiences. Furthermore, the panel will work to articulate specific actions that we can take to create more inclusive environments for female artists. More specifically how do we create environments that hold space for our different experiences and expressions of femininity.

Led by Courtney Cauthon, PhD, and participants include Tanya Shylock (The Motet), Molly Zackary, SuCH, Bonnie Sims (Bonnie & the Clydes), and Megan Burtt.


Mini Music Festival – Music Executive Panel Discussion

March 24, 2017  @ 6:30 – 7:30 pm

This panel features leaders in the artistic community talking about  their businesses, successes and challenges. This executive panel will examine the difficulties faced by female leaders in the music industry. It will consider various ways that women in positions of power throughout the industry may support one another, female artists, and the next generation of female leaders.

Led by Courtney Cauthon, PhD, and participants include Ru Johnston (Roux Black), Koo Qua (Queenz of Hip-Hop), Sarah Rosenquist (Sweetwine Entertainment Group), Hanna Ackerman (Swallow Hill Music), and Bianca Mikahn (Queenz of Hip-Hop).


Panel Discussions are Free and open to the public

Swallow Hill Music
71 E Yale Ave
Denver, CO 80210

Warm thanks to our sponsors for this event


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